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Wednesday roundup: cosmic theology edition

August 29, 2012

Jack Kirby’s birthday was yesterday (he would have been 95), and ComicsAlliance did a wonderful series of posts on his work. My favorite by far was their article on Kirby’s representations of God:




Badass Digest has a great post about the oldest televised presidential campaign ad, an attack on Taft by Woodrow Wilson from 1912:



Talking about the longstanding dirtiness of American politics, the post points out that Thomas Jefferson paid a journalist to slander John Adams in 1800. And, you know, of course he did. I wish we talked about and taught the squalid side of history more — and not just as a moral correction, but because it’s more interesting. The founders are infinitely more compelling as grimy, roughneck polymaths than marble gods with all the answers.

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