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Spring Break

March 7, 2011

has been a little wintry.


But relaxing! And I really, really needed relaxing. Good to see the family, good to see Virginia, and I’ve finished some books. Adam Roberts’ New Model Army is almost as good as Yellow Blue Tibia, which is to say that its narrator, Antony Block, also worms his way into your head in order to narrate your life, just maybe not quite as cleverly or permanently as Skvorecky. The Wavering Knife, Brian Evenson’s fifth story collection, felt inconsistent but ultimately worthwhile — the best four or five stories are worth the price of admission, and even the filler is inspirational in a writerly sort of way, but it feels like there’s an awful lot of filler. Evenson reminds me of Michael Chabon in the sense that his style is so rich, reading him makes me impatient to sit down and write myself.

Also saw The Adjustment Bureau. Devin Faraci’s review at Badass Digest is right on the money: it is indeed the sweetest Philip K. Dick adaptation ever. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt have fantastic chemistry, and John Slattery is perfect as a weary, bumbling agent of fate. This is a movie where even the bad guys are pretty decent people, and the worst thing that happens to anyone is basically a playground injury. And somehow that works — it feels like a Miyazaki film in both the simplicity of its magic and in its desire to believe the best about not only people but the universe. It’s maybe not always a very bright movie, but it’s awfully charming.

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