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Fiction Friday

April 2, 2010

It’s a beautiful, summery Good Friday, I have the day off, and there’s a bunch of awesome new short fiction floating around. So in the spirit of Twitter’s Follow Friday, here are some free, wonderful things you should be reading.
Between Two Dragons
Yoon Ha Lee
Out Walking The Streets
Eric Del Carlo
Somadeva: A Sky-River Sutra
Vandana Singh
Strange Horizons
When I was in Madison last month, I picked up a copy of Singh’s Distances, a way-too-good novella from Aqueduct Press about pretty much everything that matters. Math, art, memory, otherness, travel, sex, loss, change. It’s one of those books that you try to savor, where any given sentence, any new idea might stop you short and make you read it again for its sheer beauty. There’s math as visceral experience, a careful and thought-provoking depiction of a group marriage, and several rich, well-wrought post-human cultures, each with their own lively mythologies. Distances made this year’s Tiptree shortlist, so once you read “Somadeva”–which deals with a lot of the same themes, but with extra emphasis on story and storying and identity–you really ought to go pick it up.

Now, time for sunshine and pizza.

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