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March 30, 2010

Today’s the official US release for Shine. It’s available at all the usual online retailers, and should be showing up on shelves at B&N, Borders, BAM, etc. Reviewers have been pretty nice to it so far: Charles Tan and Nick Mamatas both had positive things to say, and Barnes and Noble Explorations was downright ebullient, describing my story like this:

Eric Gregory’s sublimely powerful “The Earth of Yunhe” takes place in a region of China devastated by a flood of toxic coal waste, [following] a dissident native son who risks everything to find a solution – a solution that could transform the entire planet.

While you’re waiting for your dozen copies (from each retailer!) to arrive, you can download or listen to Kate Baker‘s wonderful podcast of “The Earth of Yunhe” over at the Shine blog. I hope I learn to narrate half as well as Kate someday — her reading is suffused with a broad, lovely empathy, and she brings every character to unique life. I’m thrilled and honored to see my story get such an excellent treatment.

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