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Dinosaurs, bookstores, and curling…

March 13, 2010

…in Winchester, VA and Madison, WI.

Spent an excellent and badly-needed weekend in Winchester, where we visited Dinosaurland, a 30+ years old garden of hilariously ugly dino-statues (with the occasional giant gorilla or praying mantis thrown in for good measure.) I firmly believe that this is essential viewing for every American. Cyrus and Brit attempted to revive a fallen sauropod via tag-team CPR.

For various boring reasons, we then drove to Charlotte and flew from there to Madison, land of beer, cheese, and excellent bookstores. I have never loved a bookstore quite the way I love A Room of One’s Own. Was especially thrilled to pick up a Vandana Singh novella.

Also, learned to curl(!) on the home turf of the U.S. Olympian women’s curling team:

We’re sort of tentatively planning to visit the House on the Rock (from American Gods!) tomorrow, which is about an hour west in a region called, no shit, the Driftless.

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