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[Sunflower 14] Her Head Was a Sun

October 16, 2009

Attention was split today (both in writing and otherwise), but I felt okay about what I got done.

New Words:
500 + 200 short story + 200 non-fiction

Total Words:

Forward Motion:
~2.5 miles

Angel theme song or Avett Brothers. I get on a kick and I kick it, man.

Jane Eyre. I’ve officially cast Robert Downey Jr. as Mr. Rochester in my head-play. Jane sort of morphs between Ellen Page (who was going to star in a new BBC adaptation, I think?) and Amy Acker.

Liese and I have been on opposite schedules lately, but we got to spend a good part of the morning together. We usually don’t see much of each other until late at night during the work week, so that was abundantly yay, even if we had to do battle with unhelpful pharmacists.

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