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The Future of Loneliness

October 8, 2009

Watch this concept video for a robotic pet and never ever sleep again:

Funktionide Part II.

Stefan Ulrich, who hates us all enough to design and build that Creeping Grub of Despair, “envisions that [in the future] people will turn to robots for the illusion of a living presence to satisfy their emotional needs.” Over at Futurismic, Paul Raven has some doubts:

It seems certain that our future is a predominantly urban one, which to me implies shared living spaces for the majority of people – it’s cheaper and more efficient, after all. Ulrich’s vision of this poor lonely chap in his spacious and stark white apartment doesn’t entirely match up with my own ideas about the singleton lifestyles of the next few decades.

Ordinarily I’d go on about my theory that we’re going to see a lot more dormitory-style living arrangements in the decades to come, both in rural and urban environments, and how there’s a lot to be said for that setup. But I can’t think straight at the moment, as I have a powerful emotional need to see a robot incinerated.

(via Futurismic)

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