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[Sunflower 03] Working for the Weekend

October 3, 2009

Even if I haven’t been jacked up on muse lately, I feel good about what I’m producing. I’m surprised by how crucial my outline has become to the whole process. I’m not an outline-y sort of guy, but the project is getting more complicated by the day and there’s just no way I could keep everything straight in my head.

New Words:

Total Words:

Forward Motion:
~3 miles


Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim

Quote of the Day:
“Saving the cheerleader is neither necessary nor sufficient for saving the world.”
The Edge of the American West

Face-time with many friends today, which was long overdue and lovely. Learned that “Blood God Blood” made the (extensive and chock full of awesome) Honorable Mention list for Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year Vol. 1. Yay! Also in the department of yays, Apex announced the TOC for their forthcoming anthology The Blackness Within, and you’ll notice it includes my “Chain of Hearts.” It’s a very pulpy horror story about a pig god, and it takes place in a Christian bookstore, and it was kind of ridiculously fun to write. To be released…sometime in the next year. I’m not sure when.

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